Swisscom to invest 8 bn CHF in NGA network

18 Jul

I didn’t know the blog du scal until yesterday, but it’s an excellent resource for understanding the Swiss telecommunications market (if you speak French, that is). Following a trace in various blogs I managed to find there a local source for the information piece that Swisscom has announced an 8 bn CHF (roughly 5 bn EUR) investment in upgrading its access network.

Swisscom seems to have grabbed the competition issue by the proverbials as well and announce two very interesting aspects of their investment: first, wherever they roll-out, they will lay 4 parallel fiber strands so that up to three competitors can be present. A sort of non-regulatory mandated institutionalised infrastructure competition. It’s clever, since it will probably make it harder for the regulator to justify either duct access or bitstream, and the incremental cost to Swisscom is probably minimal.

The second interesting angle is that Swisscom says it doesn’t expect to be doing this on their own and expect cable cos to be doing the same (and laying 4 fiber strands as well). This seems to imply that Swisscom does not expect to cover 100% of the territory with their new infrastructure, which would be a surprisingly forward thinking move for an incumbent…

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